(Adrian) Kennedy, Steve
(Brooks) Curtis, Jerry
(Bunce) Neill, John
(Clough) Mayhew, Doug
(Cummings) Guzzard, Brad
(Davenport) Vilardo, Tony
(Downs) Bunce, John
(Dryer) McDonald, Mac
(Fiscus) Chisham, Rick
(Forrest) Holcomb, Shellie
(Fulton) Hammond (Jimenez), Cindy
(Hayden) Holcomb, John
(Hunsaker) Mann, Cathy
(Janke) Fudge, Jim
(Johnston) Michelle
(Koller) Lies, Julie
(Landrum) Kennerly, Nate
(Lutz) Christopherson, Jeff
(Nieto) Rodriguez, Mario
(Pratt) Boudreaux, Ron
(Ritz) Flores, Nina
(Service) Wilmes, Keith
(Shuman) Stuart, Susan
(Sidles) Zuniga, Augustin
(Sutton) Saenz, Roman
Adella, Denise (Miller)
Adrian, Monica (Kennedy)
Ane, Cynthia
Ane, Darus
Brooks, Karen (Allen)
Brooks, Theresa
Bunce, Anita
Burgman, John
Carlson, Lisa (Lavadores)
Clough, Dianne (Mayhew)
Cook, Danielle (Bryant)
Cullen, Danny
Cummings, Kim (Guzzard)
Davenport, Janus (Vilardo)
Doane, Karen
Downs, Spot & John
Drake, Lori (Reisbig, Mike)
Dryer, Lenda (McDonald)
Firm, Carla (Moreno)
Fiscus, Donna (Chisham)
Forrest, Monica
Fulton, Jeffrey
Gieg, Bruce
Green, Maria (Shimizu)
Grundy, Shannon (Butler)
Guthrie, Cindy
Hansen, Kurt
Hansen, Lisa (Lovelady)
Harper, Cheryl
Harris, John
Harris, Pam
Hayden, Phil
Hunsaker, Carolyne
Janke, Tami (Fudge)
Johnston, William
Jorgensen, Susan (Rowton)
Kavanagh, Kim
Keatley, Cindy (Cameron)
Koller, Karl
Kurtak, Tonya (Cole)
Landrum, Tina
Layton, Valerie (Morehouse)
Lufting, Carla
Luni, Cathy (Noonan)
Luster, Gary
Lutz, Sherry
Morse, Pam (Sellers)
Nieto, Polly (Carras)
Oldfield, Karen (Walsh)
Paggi, Gina (Allard)
Percivalle, Denise (Clifton)
Phillippi, Gary
Phillippi, LaRee
Pratt, Teri (Boudreaux)
Reina, Michael
Reina, Natalie
Reisbig, Michael (Drake, Lori)
Ritter, Vicki
Ritz, Cliff
Schulte, Pete
Sellers, Daniel
Service, Carol (Wilmes)
Shuman, Todd
Sidles, Sarina (Zuniga)
Skophammer, Bob
Stahl, Charles
Stone, Angelina
Stone, James
Sutton, Cathy
Taft, Lisa (Zuress)
Taylor, Debra
Terrill, Chris
Tucker, Jerry
Walsh, Richard
Warr, DeAnn (Longshore)
Watson, Francine (Schroeder)
White, Mike
Whitney, Jill
Whitney, Roger
Wilborn, Al
Wright, David
Zavala, John

Saugus High School Class of 1978

40th Reunion

June 15th & 16th 2018

​The official photo book is now available for purchase!

Thank you all for taking a stroll down memory lane!

The photographs are for us to remember our friends and class-mates in a fashion that would allow those who were not able to attend, view the festivites. To tell a fantastic story of the good times we all shared.

Reliving stories and the fun we shared. And of course getting caught up after many years.

To refresh your memories, below is a list of those who attended

©1987-2019 LuckyDog Images ™ /Photography by Pete Schulte 

The photos in this gallery are the copyright of Pete Schulte/Luckydog Images listed. The photos may NOT be copied, including screenshots, as that would be in violation of the rights of the copyright holder.

​​​The photo book is now available for purchase.It is a 9x7 soft-cover photo book

64 pages

Over 230 class photos

Special price until 8/1/18 is only $59.99 with free shipping and no sales tax.

After 8/1/18 the price is $64.99 + sales tax and shipping.

A 50% deposit is required to process your order

Feel free to call 602-600-9118, email, or Facebook.

It was a blast for me to create to share with you all.

Lucky Dog Images ™ /  Pete Schulte Photography