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AZ Rock n Roll Marathon 1/14/2018

Pranksters Too 12-2-17

Pete's Picks

 I (Steve Berg) started Rock n Roll High School in February, 2012. At that time, there were no organizations that put kids into bands and put them on stage regularly. The closest things were special ‘camps’ that lasted 2-3 months and played 1 show at the end.

When I asked how kids got into bands, I was told they put their own bands together from their friends at school, practiced in the drummer’s garage, taught themselves songs and, when they thought they were ready, tried to find gigs at birthday parties and such.

Rock n Roll High School’s Mission is to provide young musicians with the professional instruction and performance opportunities to help them develop musically to the best of their abilities.

Kids should not have to create bands themselves, teach themselves songs and go out searching for gigs. Not to mention purchasing expensive sound equipment. They’re kids. As with any other activity, the structure, organization and coaching should be done by adults and experienced professionals.

We wish to showcase youth bands. Give them the opportunity to play at good venues with large, supportive crowds.

We want to help them develop musically as far as they want to go. Give them access to music industry experts in all phases of the musical process.

How do we do this?

• Put bands together by musical genre, age, experience and ‘chemistry’.
• Create bands of 4-6 members that stay together.
• Don’t dictate the type of music or songs they will play. Let the musicians choose.
• Practice in a sound studio every week with an experienced instructor, themselves gigging musicians.
• Produce shows at rotating, legitimate venues. Minimum of one per month and usually more.
• Provide additional workshops
• Provide affordable recording packages to give bands the experience of recording in a studio, but without breaking the bank.
• Create a camaraderie amongst the musicians.

Encourage sharing of ideas and playing with new musicians

If you or your son or daughter is between the ages of 9 to 19, contact us today at www.RocknRollHighSchool.biz or call us at 480-206-3149.

If you already have a band, we can help you develop that band. Contact us today at www.RocknRollHighSchool.biz or call us at 480-206-3149.

If you are over the age of 19, we have developed our Rock n Roll College program to help you transition to the next level. Contact us today at www.RocknRollHighSchool.biz or call us at 480-206-3149. 

 Together, we can make the Phoenix youth music scene the best in the country! Come play with us!!

Steve Berg- Director Rock n Roll High School

Joe's Grotto- 12-28-17

Dirk Bentley's Whiskey Row 2-24-18

OdySea in the Desert 4-4-18.

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